Sewer cleaning

Sewer cleaning equipment

In need of a sewer cleaning unit or equipment for sewer cleaning, drain cleaning or similar, we are here to help. We offer both complete units, individual components, and professional advice.

Our own products cover everything from smaller stationary sewer cleaners to various build-in models. We can also help you with mount the equipment in your van or on your trailer. 

While we have several standard solutions available, we are also experts in customized solutions build to your needs. Our equipment is especially suitable for drain and sewer flushing, typically prior to camera inspection / recording.

Take for example our compact SH150-50 – ideal for drain cleaning on golf courses where the weight load on the course is critical.

Equipment and accessories

Looking for a sewer cleaner? We can supply you with various equipment and accessories. We have a wide range of products, including:

and much more...

Product program

The selection of nozzles includes, among others:

And much more…