Roof cleaning

We make our own gutter boxes

We can supply a wide range of roof cleaning equipment, including pressure washers, roof cleaning boxes designed for all Danish roof profiles, as well as equipment for concrete and tile roof cleaning. In addition, we offer rooftop vacuum pumps, filter boxes, edge cleaners, algae removal equipment and various nozzles.

For many years, we have manufactured our own gutter boxes, which in 2016 were approved by the Danish Working Environment Authority for use in cleaning asbestos-containing roofs. Similarly, our edge cleaner has also received approval from the Danish Working Environment Authority.

Since April 1, 2016, we have been a dealer for Dynajet high-pressure cleaners and accessories, which of course includes gutter boxes.

High pressure washers

Many of Dynajet’s models can be used for roof cleaning, but the best-selling over the last 15 years is the Dynajet 500th.

We manufacture high-pressure washers ourselves, so if you have a special request for your machine, please contact us and let’s talk about what we can offer you.

Eternit gutter box with 700 bar swivel joint

We produce the TR1-2-3 roof cleaning box, which comes in the following widths 240 / 480 / 640 mm.
The changeover is done by changing the track width and driving height of the roof cleaner according to the labeled set points.

The gutter box is made of stainless steel plate, with a 700 Bar swivel joint, with minimal water loss.

Eternit gutter box with 350 bar swivel joint

A roof cleaning box from Dynajet has been produced for several years and is made of stainless steel.
The box is equipped with a pressure gauge and the adjustment is done by adjusting the swivel joints and wheels according to the marked adjustment points.

The box is fitted with plug-in nozzles and 350 Bar swivel joint.

Concrete roof gutter box with 275 / 350 / 500 Bar

A roof cleaning box is made of stainless steel and has large external wheels that can be adjusted up and out depending on the roof you need to clean.
The box is also equipped with a pressure gauge, ball valve, brushes and stainless steel swivel joints.

Available as 275 / 350 / 500 Bar.

Tag suction pump

The roof suction pump is a 230V pump that is an unbeatable pump for sucking water/moss from the gutter.
It is the hose suction pump model, which works by rollers pressing on a rubber hose, creating a vacuum in the suction side and pushing the dirty water out the other side.

A reliable pump that runs for years.

Filter system

The filter system is made of galvanized sheet metal and has a galvanized grate on which the filter is hung.
Underneath the filter box is a plastic box for the filtered water.

The plastic box has a connector for a hose so you can drain the water away or reuse it via a pump and filter.

Edge cleaner

The edge cleaner is a funnel-shaped shell with brushes to prevent water from splashing around.
The edge cleaner has a rotor nozzle and nozzle tubes of different lengths, bent or straight, nipples or couplings can be mounted on the shell towards the gun.

We offer repairs on all of the above in our own workshop.

In addition to the above, we can offer chemical injectors, various nozzles, hoses, guns, etc.