Water jet cutting

Water jet cutting - a clean cut without thermal impact

With a focus on quality solutions from German Hammelmann and Austrian Perndorfer, we can help you to some of the best solutions on the market within water jet cutting. If you are unsure about which solution to choose, we are here to assist you with guidance, design, delivery, installation, and subsequently service.

The robust cutting tables from Perndorfer are built for reliable and sturdy performance that you can rely on day in and day out.

The tables are offered in cantilever or gantry design, sizes ranging from;

  • 1 x 1 meter to 4 x 12 meters
  • 1-12 cutting heads
  • 2D or full 3D capabilities.

The unique pump technology ensures high productivity with a low energy consumption and key features that only Perndorfer offers. An efficiency of nearly 98% provides an energy saving of +40% compared to traditional hydraulic intensifiers.

  • Low energy consumption – up to 98% efficiency, as it saves the hydraulic part and there is no oil cooler
  • Operates only when the system calls for water
  • Long pump service life – since the pump only runs when necessary, minimum wear, resulting in longer intervals between service
  • Lowest noise level at 75dB on the market

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Specialized solutions

Do you need a custom solution? In addition to our standard program, we also offer customized units that fit your needs exactly. Some of these options could be;

  • 15-axis fully automatic water cutting units with sorting robot for cutting displays (glass, plastic, etc.)
  • 12-head water cutting units for dynamic cutting (high-speed cutting) of e.g. gaskets / soft goods.
  • Water cutting units for pipe cutting, above and below water. Up to 2500mm in diameter and 6.5 meters in length.
  • Water cutting units combined with laser cutting, including one water cutting head and one laser cutting head.


  • We offer you the complete package, regardless of it being a standard or customized solution.
  • We handle installation and commissioning at the your site – and we do not leave until you are satisfied.
  • After commissioning, we are of course available with our well-trained service and sales team, who are happy to help with cnsumables such as nozzles, focus tubes, high-pressure pipes, fittings, etc.
  • Everything is delivered directly to customer site, with short delivery time including all general service.

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