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What special pre-cautions should you take when working with high pressure?

The Danish legisltation, which we will refer to, is not as clear as one could wish;

  • The legislation
    – refers to the general occupational health and safety legislation, such as PPE for ears, eyes, head, etc.
  • The Danish Working Environment Authority
    – has published a guide for cleaning with water – D.2.20 – which is the most specific instruciton available, but unfortunately still a bit unclear. However, it does state that all connections near the body, such as; between hose and gun must be protected by a hose cover.
  • The industry
    – On an international level, there are industry organizations that have issued recommendations and guidelines, and these are the ones we primarily consult.

Should special precautions be taken when working with high-pressure?

You should always consider safety when working with high-pressure – regardless of the pressure.

Your common sense will get you a long way – so use it!

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High-pressure is used for cutting, cleaning, grinding on all hard surfaces. If you, as a person, are hit by a water jet, there is a risk of severe damage – therefore Sihm Højtryk A/S recommends that you wear safety equipment/clothing at all times. In the event of an accident, note that the damage can be far worse than what meets the nake eye. We have publised a a guide for medical personel, that you can download, informing them of the special pre-cautions to take when handling water jet damages. 

At Sihm Højtryk we distribute clothing from both TST Sweden® and TurtleSkin®.

Which equipment / clothes should you choose?

It all depends on the job at hand and under which conditions it is to be performed. We have put together some basic safety equipment packages that we believe are the minimum required.

When working in an upright stationary position, the safety packages PROOP1-PPE / UHP1-PPE are sufficient. However, if the operator has to move – crawling, kneeling, etc. we recommend that the operator wears a full set of safety clothing.

Contact our sales department for guidance – we are happy to share our experience and knowledge  about both high-pressure and safety.

ProOperator (Up to 500 bar)

UHP - Ultra High Pressure (500 - 3000 bar)

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