The future of clean water

Filtration of your cleaning water is / or will be key in ensuring clean water for  your high-pressure pumps. Using high-pressure for cleaning, demolition, etc. often means using large quantities of water – with water being / or becoming a scarce commodity – what do you do when water is the primary element in your day-to-day work processes?

High-pressure pumps require clean water to ensure long lasting equipment. Waste water can be collected, but will be full of dirt and debris and therefore cannot be reused – until now.

As a natural add-on to the existing product range, Sihm Højtryk A/S also offers a mobile filtration system from Reprotex®, which enables water treatment and reuse of the waste water.

A success for both the environment and your cash flow

It is possible to rent a filtration system for a specific project or as a test - contact our sales department for more information.

Product info

With an increasing emphasis on green solutions and the environment, we feel that it makes sense to invest in a unit from Reprotex, the benefits are numerous and it is profitable in many ways;

Read our case studies from Germany. The system has been used for different cleaning tasks.

Renovation of bridge over the Rhine

Surface cleaning

Removal of leaded coating

Removal of graphite coating