High-Pressure units

High-pressure for every need

We help you reach your finish line. Our extensive range of high-pressure systems includes electric, diesel, petrol and hydraulic driven solutions.

Whether you need a system with a pressure of just a few hundred bar or up to an impressive 4000 bar, we are here to meet your requirements.

We pride ourselves of being able to supply high pressure systems to all jobs. Whether you need cold or hot water cleaners, work with surface treatment, concrete demolition, chemical injections or anything in between, we offer a selection of different versions and models.

We understand that our customers’ needs are different depending on industry and purpose. Our high-pressure systems are therefore designed for a variety of applications, so our customers have the best solution to their need. 

High-pressure cleaners are used for

and much more...

Surface treatment typically with 350 - 500 bar

We offer a comprehensive range of high-pressure units and accessories from recognized brands like Dynajet for instance. These are designed to meet your requirement when it comes to surface treatment, graffiti removal and much more. Our high-pressure units operate with pressure ranging from 150 to 500 bar, and we offer flexible solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Our high-pressure units can be delivered as a trolleys or in trailers, with integrated water tanks ranging from 300 to 1000 liters, built-in hose reels and more. These machines are standard items in our program and can therefore be delivered within a short period of time.

But we do not stop here. In addition to our standard program, we have extensive expertise in customizing high-pressure systems to fit your specific needs. Whether you require specific pressure, water volume, water tank capacity or hose reels, there are no limits to what we can combine to you. Your wish is our command.

Hot water and chemical injection

Our high-pressure cleaners also comes with adjustable in pressure option, so adjustable to solve each individual job. This can be done via throttle or wireless remote control, giving you full control.

As an added benefit, our units can be delivered with a heater, so you need  hot water. This definitely improves the cleaning process, especially when it comes to removing resistent substances from different materials.

Finally, we also offer chemical injection, meaning that our machines can work with soap, algaecide and other products in mixing ratios from 1-10%, depending on your specific job. We go to great lengths to ensure our customers get the most efficient tools for their tasks.

Fittings and valves

Custom dimensions of high-pressure hoses

We stock a wide range of thermoplastic high-pressure hose types with steel braids suitable for ultra-high pressures up to 4000 bar. These hoses are produced and customized in-house at our workshop in Esbjerg according to your requirements and in the desired length.

Furthermore, we have all sorts of equipment, fittings and adapters on stock to meet your needs. This includes:

…and much more.

We offer different types of nozzles and cleaning equipment to fit the specific task and surface.

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Concrete demolition

Are you about to embark on one of the more demanding tasks in concrete demolition? Naturally, we have the equipment to help you get the job done. Get in touch with our skilled team and learn more about how we can help you.

High-pressure trailer

If you are in need of a mobile system, you have come to right place.

Our mobile high-pressure units, also known as high-pressure trailer units, are versatile and applicable to different industries. These machines are widely used in the construction industry, renovation, municipalities, industry, shipyards, offshore, agriculture, forestry and many other areas performing tasks such as graffiti removal, concrete cleaning, facade cleaning, roof cleaning, oil spills, ship cleaning, machinery, tiled surfaces, paint removal, pipe cleaning, formwork, scaffolding and much more.

A significant advantage of high-pressure trailer units are their independence from electricity and water, enabling work in locations where these resources are not available. Whatever job you have that requires a pressure cleaner, it can be solved with a trailer solution. The solutions include a diesel or gasoline engine, a high-pressure pump (300 – 3000 bar), water tank, hose reels and adjustable water flow.

Customized solutions

We know that all jobs must the performed swiftly and professionally, which requires reliable equipment of good quality. We are happy to guide you to the optimal solution when it comes to both unit and/or equipment. The possibilities are many, hereunder a small selection of the most common solution on the market.

Customized  stationary units, typically units used offshore or at manufacturing plants, etc.

  • Mobile units, build-in or in trailer
  • High pressure pumps/process pumps, offshore or onshore
  • Oertzen high pressure cleaners
  • Dynajet mobile high pressure cleaners
  • Hammelmann units
  • High pressure pumps for cutting
  • Accessories/equipment

Our customised high pressure units can be delivered to oil, gas, chemical, PtX industries adhering to all relevant standards, such as;
Contact us for further information concerning your high pressure project – please fill in the questionnaire first.


See some of our products in action in the following videos.

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Dynajet 350th

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Removal of chewing gum

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Weed control

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Hammelmann Aquajet 140

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Hammelmann Thermojet