Training courses

At Sihm Højtryk A/S, we offer different training course packages that can be customized to fit your needs.

Online safety training

In collaboration with StoneAge, we offer a basic training course focusing on safe use of high-pressure equipment.

The course covers;

  • Definitions and use of high-pressure
  • Run through of common equipment
  • Efficient use of equipment and sizing
  • Safety / PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
    • What are the dangers?
    • What do you do to identify the damger? (Best Practice)
    • Prevention (Best Practice)
    • What do you do in case of an accident?

The course is an online course, available in both Danish and English. The course takes 1-1½ hours to complete.

The course consists of different topics. Each topic is concluded with a test.

The course is completed with a course certificate valid for 3 years.

Contact for further information and registration.

Customized training courses

Should you be more interested in a customized training course for your operators, based on your equipment, experience and operators, we can design a course customized for your business and your needs.

The course will typically take place at our location in Esbjerg. If on-site training works better for you, this is also an option.

Contact our training department for more information.

High-pressure in practice

Do you also need a more hands-on run-through of high-pressure systems and equipment this is also an option. 

As a supplement to the online course, it is possible to attend a course focusing on more practical use of high-pressure equipment.

The courses focusses on hig-pressure systems in general review, including operation and maintenance of high pressure systems – both diesel and electrically powered. You will be introduced to different accessories (hoses, guns, nozzles, etc.) and learn how to maintain and use them in a safe way.

Completion of our online security course is a requirement.

The course is held regularly at Sihm Højtryk in Esbjerg and takes 2-3 hours. Contact for further information and registration.