Pipe cleaning

Clean pipes

Are you facing a specific pipe cleaning job or do you just want information about pipe cleaning? Then do not hesitate to get in touch with us.
We have many years of experience with pipe cleaning equipment, ranging from a few 100 bar up to 3000 bar (UHP). We have a wide range og spare parts in stock. Our service workshop offers day-to-day renovation of nozzles.

We have a extensive range of pipe cleaning equipment in our product program including high pressure units from 150 bar to 3000 bar. We supply units driven by conventional fuels, such as; gasoline, diesel and electric-powered systems.

Equipment demonstration

Book a free demonstration of sewer nozzles and equipment. If you have a specific job or just want a no-strings-attached chat, we are happy to drop by - free of charge. We can test the nozzles or equipment on your own system.

Pipe cleaning include, among other things

Our range of pipe cleaning equipment includes

As an extra service, we offer free demonstration of selected nozzles.


See some of our products in action in the following videos.

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Stoneage Badger

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Stoneage BJV Navigator & Centralizer

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Stoneage Warthog with Centralizer

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Stoneage Autobox

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