High pressure valves & fittings

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The selection of high pressure valves and fittings are as plentiful as the number of different applicaiton in where they are used, including the oil and gas industry, chemical production, power plants, water supply, and many others. These components are used for everything from controlling, regulating and blocking the flow of liquids and gases. Reliability, durability and proper application are essential for the safety and efficiency of high-pressure systems – our quality components are designed to handle extreme pressure conditions and ensure reliable operation under demanding conditions.

With products from Sihm Højtryk A/S, you are sure thatyou are using the right products for your specific task. We stock fittings and valves in the most common materials and pressure ratings, but can also supply valves in more exotic materials on request.

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We stock most...

We stock the most commonly used  high-pressure fittings for high-pressure valves, high-pressure hoses, pumps and special applications.

Typically, fittings and valves are stocked in stainless steel (AISI304 / AISI 316) but are also available in other, more special materials.

Working pressure up to 10342bar / 150,000PSI, depending on application and type.

Our range of valves includes: