Pumps & generators

Hydralic powered

We are Dynaset distributors, and offer a wide range of hydraulic powered components – we have listed some of our different options below. If you have any other specific requests, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Special applications

Dynaset offers customized applications – contact our sales department with your specific requests.

High pressure pumps

From 90 bar to 1600 bar – flow 15 l/min to 300 l/min.
Saves time, space and resources.
Suitable for water, seawater, chemicals or other fluids.
Easy installation on existing hydraulic system.


From 3.5kVA – 350kVA.
Saves time, space and resources.
Easy integration with existing hydraulic system.
A hydraulic generator is typically 90% smaller than a diesel generator.
Compact, light weight and easy installation.

Compressors Piston/screw

Up to 12 bar – 450 l/min to 1000 l/min.
Saves time, space and resources.
Compact desgin – all-in-one unit.
Air tank built onto the frame.
Low noice level.

Vacuum components - bucket

Down to -8 kPAa powerful 3.4 m2/sec in flow.
Easy to use for clean-up jobs.
Reliable, quick and easy for on-site sorting tasks.
Allows for a quick way to pick up pieces of plastic, wood, insulation material and LECA stone.

Hydraulic pipe cleaner PPL

Up to 460 bar and 90 l/min.
Compact all-in-one unit takes up minimal space in your van.
Suitable for pipe cleaning and root cutting.
Hot water option available.