Pressure testing

Maintain applicable safety standards

Hydrostatic pressure testing is one way of testing pressure containers, test strength / detect any leaks in pressure vessels, pipelines, fittings, valves, gas cylinders, boilers, fuel tanks etc. The test requires the test object to be filled with a medium (e.g. water, oil or gas), prior to testing.

After filling and ventingthe test object, the desired pressure is build up. The object is isolated and the test begins. The duration of the test can vary from seconds into days. Hydrostatic pressure testing is the most common and widely used method of pressure testing.

The use of testing demonstrates the test object’s ability to meet applicable safety standards, as well as give you an idea of the longivity and functionality of the object over time. As official agents for RESATO®, Sihm Højtryk A/S offers a wide range of pressure testing equipment for testing with water, oil and gas, ranging up to 14,000 bar / 200,000 psi.

Pressure testing equipment is used for

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Renting or buying the right equipment?

We are happy to help you find the ideal solution for your project, whether you need a small mobile test unit for your service vehicle or a larger customized installation for your workshop or factory. We want to be your preferred partner and assist you all the way from the initital design phase to final installation.

We have several units available for rent for shorter or longer period of time. These units can also be customized as needed in our workshop to perfectly fit your specific application.

Do not hesitate to contact our sales department for more information regarding buying or renting pressure testing equipment. We are here to help you ensure accurate and reliable test results.