Floor cleaning

We have an extensive range of floor cleaners

Our extensive range of floor cleaners from brands like Dynajet are tailored to meet today’s industrial demands. With our extensive range of floor cleaners and first-class service, we are the right choice for your business.

Our floor cleaners are ergonomically designed and lightweight, making them suitable for a wide range of tasks. Several of our floor cleaners are height adjustable to ensure optimal cleaning.

We stock the following models

Different sizes in stock

We stock a wide range of stainless steel floor cleaners (surface cleaners) in various sizes, including Ø200, Ø300, Ø410, Ø520 and Ø750 mm.

The cleaners are available with different pressure settings up to 500 bar and comes with or without suction for efficient water removal. Some models are also equipped with specialized nozzles for removing chewing gum and other challenging substances.

Our floor cleaners are constructed with stainless steel boxes, dual housing for machines with suction, stainless steel swivel joints, stainless steel wheels, 2-nozzle arms that adapt to your machine and quality brushes.

All our cleaners come with reliable stainless steel swivel joints and self-lubricating stainless steel ball bearings.


Wash with steam. Here you get a floor/wall cleaner that cleans with steam. Steam cleaning is a fantastic way to disinfect or wash. Surfaces washed with steam and suction dries quickly.

This washer is particularly recommended for the food and pharmaceutical industries.
It is used for max. 20 Bar, 180º Celsius and available in Ø200 and Ø300 mm.
The washer works best with a minimum of a 10 kW steam cleaner.

This range also includes graffiti removers with suction nozzle, duct cleaners, rotating head on lance for cleaning portable toilets, tanks etc.

Our different floor cleaners


Floor cleaner for smaller areas, both indoors and outdoors, where the cleaner is equipped with a suction nozzle.
It is a small, compact and lightweight cleaner that is highly efficient.

It is available in a 275 Bar version and diameter Ø200 and Ø300 mm.


A professional floor cleaner suitable for cleaning larger areas, both indoors and outdoors. The dirty water can be removed via the suction nozzle.

The cleaner is height adjustable and available in 350 and 500 Bar versions with diameter Ø520 and Ø750 mm.


A floor cleaner without suction, suitable for larger areas. 
This floor cleaner can be fitted with a lance holder so you can switch from scrubber to lance in a minute.

The floor cleaner is height adjustable and is available in a 275 Bar version with diameter Ø520 and Ø750 mm.


A floor cleaner designed for cold and hot water, with no adjustment options. It is available in 275 and 500 Bar versions and diameter Ø520 and Ø750 mm

Gum remover

If you want an all-in-one floor cleaner suitable for general floor cleaning as well as removing chewing gum in pedestrian areas, train stations, parks and schools, etc, this is the one to choose. The floor cleaner has the capacity to be used with up to 350 Bar and is available with diameter Ø520 and Ø750 mm. The cleaner comes with a suction.

Max temperature 120º Celsius.