Water jet cutting

Sihm Højtryk offers top quality water jet cutting units in cooperation with the Austrian company Perndorfer.

Our wish is to be your preferred partner, in all areas, such as; guidance, design, delivery, installation and service.

perndorfer Vandskæreanlæg rørskæring
perndorfer Vandskæreanlæg rørskæring

Product Range

The product range includes a wide range of standard units, such as;

  • Complete water jet cutting plants in all sizes. We offer tables up to 12 meters in length.
  • Water cutting tables with Cantilever, sorting and handling equipment (automatic loading and unloading of items)
  • Water cutting tables with water level regulation (underwater cutting) for noise level reduction

The units can be delivered with direct-driven plunger / piston pumps or hydraulic-driven intensifier pumps.

Energy Efficient Pumps

Typically an intensifier pump will use 30-40% more energy, than the energy efficient pumps offered with our plunger pump solutions.

Plunger pumps are driven directly by a servo-drive = no hydraulic motor driving the pump. This reduces the energy consumption considerably as well as minimizing maintenance and operational costs.

The intervals between services / operation hours are also significantly longer with plunger pumps.


In addition to the standard program, we also offer customized units designed to customer needs.

Options could be;

  • 15 axis fully automatic water cutting units with sorting robot for cutting of displays (glass, synthetic material, etc.)
  • 12 head water cutting equipment for dynamic cutting ( high-speed cutting) of e.g. soft goods / packings.
  • Water cutting units for pipe cutting, above and under water. Up to 2500mm in diameter and 6,5 meter length.
  • Water cutting units combined with laser heads – one water cutting head and one laser cutting head.
Perndorfer Vandskæreanlæg vekselbord


We offer the full package – whether it being standard or customized products.

We provide service and start up at customer site – we do not leave before you are happy.

After start up our trained service and sales team are available to assist in choosing the appropriate consumable, e.g. nozzles, guide pipes, high pressure piping, fittings, etc.

Everything is delivered directly to customer site, including all service work.