Water jet cutting


Water cutting or Water jet cutting can be used as an alternative to eg. laser cutting or plasma cutting.
Our Hammelmann pumps can be used in all existing cutting tables, regardless of whether you are using abrasive cutting or only Water cutting.

We offer full integration with your existing set-up.
If you are in the market for an energy saving pump solution we have the perfect set-up for you!

The benefits of using a Hammelmann pump solutions are many, for instance

Very low energy consumption – HDP units from Hammelmann start/stop depending on water demand from the table and therefore do not run continuous as for instance the Intensifier does.

Energy saving typically 30-40% compared to conventional Hydraulic pump solutions.

Considerably longer service life on Wear parts – typically first service after 100 operating hours.

No need for oil cooler – this leads to a massive energy saving.

Easy and service friendly access to replacement of Wear parts.

Service can be done by us with our nationwide service organisation. Either directly at the client or at our workshop in Esbjerg.

Implements easily in existing cutting table regardless of brand.
Energy wise the finished water cutting units / pumps from Hammelmann is a good alternativ to Intensifier pumps and other Hydraulic pump solutions.

Besides solutions from Hammelmann we can also offer solutions from Resato.
If you are looking to energy optimise your existing solution or are looking for a complete new water cutting unit we would be our preferred partner.

We are available for informal meetings where we can inform you of the options. Contact us.

You can get additional information here:

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On top of pump solutions for water cutting tables and water jet cutting, we can offer you a long line of accessories and services:

Cutting Equipment
Water Cutting Tables
High Pressure Hoses
Installation and re-Building of Existing and New Units
Service of Hammelmann, Service of Resato, Service of Intensifier and other Unit / Pump Solutions
Spare Part Sales
Consultancy in Connection with Investing, Re-Designing of Water Cutting Units, a.o.

Contact our sales department, if you have any questions or if the above is of interest.