At Sihm Højtryk we carry high pressure cleaners and accessories for surface treatment from 150 to 500 bar.
They can be delivered as trolleys or trailer with an Integrated water tank of 300 – 1.000 ltr, with built-in hose reels, etc.
These units are carried as standard machines.

In addition to this we also build high pressure units as per customer specification – pressure, flow, tank, hose reels etc – your requirement sets the limits.

High pressure units are used for facade cleaning, removal of graffiti, cleaning of ships, roof cleaning, patio cleaning, surface cleaning of concrete etc.

In addition to this, we carry equipment and accessories to the high pressure cleaners, that will raise the efficiency of the machines to the max.

The equipment could be in the shape of round jet, fan jet in different angles, rotor nozzles, nozzles for Chemicals, variable nozzles, sandblasting equipment, facade cleaners with or without suction, floor cleaners with or without suction, gum removers, roof cleaning boxes for all roof materials, etc.

Basically all types of nozzles and cleaning machines for all surfaces or dirt that are to be removed.
High pressure cleaners can be pressure regulated variably, so that it suits the individual job either via throttle or wireless remote control.

On top of all of these characteristics, the machines can be delivered with furnace, so that it can generate hot water, which significantly improves the cleaning, depending of the material that is to be washed.

The units can be delivered with chemical injectors, so soap, algae detergent and other products can be laid out to dissolve dirt at a mixing ratio of 1-10%.


Removal of paint with Ultra High Pressure (UHP)

Spiderjet Magnetic

Removal of paint with Ultra High Pressure (UHP)

Tracked Striker

Robot-controlled gunwork