Sewer cleaning

Sewer cleaning equipment

In need of a sewer cleaner, equipment for sewer cleaning or similar, we are here to help.
Whether it is complete units, a few components, equipment or consulting.

Sihm Højtryk A/S’ own products ranges from smaller sewer cleaners to various build-in models.
We can for instance assist you with the build in vans, trailers, etc.

We have a variety of standard solutions, but also make customer specified solutions.
Our units are highly suitable for drainage and sewer cleaning typically prior to camera inspection.

Our compact SDH150-50 is suitable for drain cleaning on eg. golf courses, where the weight load might be an issue.

Different equipment

If you are looking for equipment for sewer cleaning, we stock different equipment and accessories.
We have a wide assortment og hoses, nozzles, guns, flushing equipment, hose reels, suction devices and much more.


The product range within nozzles includes;

Nozzles for pipe cleaning, from e.g. Stoneage
Nozzles for root cutting
Rotor nozzles
Sand nozzles
Rim nozzles
Grenade nozzles used for drainage
Siphon trap nozzles
and much, much more…

Contact us

We are happy to take an informal talk concerning your need.
Hereunder os a small selection of our own produced modes.
Please contact the sales department for additional information.
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