Safety clothes
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What special pre-cautions are necessary when working with high pressure?

You should always consider your safety when working with high pressure – regardless of the pressure rating.

Your common sense will get you a long way – so use it.

What are the Rules and Regulations?

The Danish Legislation, which we will refer, is not as clear as one could wish;

  • The Legislation – refers to the general working environmental act, when it comes to PPE primarily focessed on ears, eyes, head etc..
  • The Danish Working Environment Authority – has issued a guide for cleaning with water – D.2.20 – which is some of the most specific instructions available, although still unclear. However, it does clearly state that all connections situation near body, such as; between hose and gun, must be protected by hose cover.
  • The Industry – Internationally there are several branche organisations, that have published recommendations and guidelines. It is these guidelines that we primarily consult.

High pressure can be used for cutting, cleaning, grinding on all har surfaces. If you, as an individual, gets hit by a water jet, there is a risk of severe damage – therefore Sihm Højtry recommends that you wear safety equipment / clothes. In case of an accident, note that the damage can be far worse that what you can see with the naked eye. We have published a guide for medical personel, that you can download here, as special precautions musy be taken when trating water jet damages.

The number of manufacturers producing safety clothes specifically for high pressure use is very limited, at Sihm Højtryk we distributes clothes from both  TST Sweden® and TurtleSkin®.

Which Equipment / Clothes should you choose?

That all depends on the job at hand and under which conditions that woek will be performed. We have composed a few standard packages that we, as a minimum, recommend that you use.

If the job is performed in a stationary up-right position, the safety packages PRROP1-PPE / UHP1-PPE adequate. But, if the operator needs to move around, kneel a.o. we recommend that the operator is equipped with a complete safety set.

Contact our sales department for help and guidance – we are happy to share our experience and knowledge concerning high pressure and safety.

ProOperator (Up to 500 bar)
Medium Safety Package

UHP – Ultra High Pressure (500 – 3000 bar)
Medium Safety package
UHP Safety Package – one size


Safety Courses

Sihm Højtryk A/S offers training courses where we go through safety equipment and PPE. The training programme is tailored to your need, your equipment and can be held at your location or at Sihm Højtryk A/S in Esbjerg, Denmark.

Contact us for further information.