Safety clothes
& equipment

When working with high pressure, regardless of pressure, safety should always be an integral part of your consideration.

It could be closing off the work area, possible environmental dangers, securing of materials and last but not least – the safety of the operator(s).

Personal injuries caused by high pressure can be both be very dangerous and in worst case fatal.

Sihm Højtryk A/S recommend that operators at all times wear safety clothes / PPE.

We distribute clothes from 2 of the world’s leading manufacturers of safety clothes designed particularly for use with high pressure work – TST Sweden og TurtleSkin®.

TST safety clothes come in 2 diiferent protection classes – ProOperator up to 500 bar and UHP for 1000 bar / 15000 psi (10/28) or 2000 bar / 30000 psi (20/30).

TST Product Range is Extensive and Covers e.g.  the Following;

Trousers  / Overalls
Boots and Gaiters
Hand Protection
Gloves (Up to 500 bar)
Hose Protection

The clothes is made by Dyneema® fibres, which offer a good protection as well as making the garments comfortable and flexible.


See the Complete Product Range here

ProOperator – Up to 500 Bar
UHP – Up to 20/30, 2000 Bar

TurtleSkin® is developed for use with UHP – meaning pressure up to 2800 bar / 40.000 psi.

TurtleSkin® is known for its’ panelled safety clothes resembles the shield of a turtle. The clothes is made up by individual panels, which offer a flexible and breathable garment. The panels can easily be replaced separately and thereby offers a long product lifetime. TurtleSkin® Cool Gear is one-size and one suit is therefore only needed as it fits all operators.

TurtleSkin® CoolGear Product Range




Arm Protection

See the Complete Product Range here

In addition to the CoolGear serie TurtleSkin has also launched a clothing line, that looks more like traditional PPE, which they call Coverall. Coverall offers protection up to 2800 bar / 40.000 psi.

Coverall Contains;

  • Jacket
  • Overalls

See the entire product range here

In addition to safety clothes Sihm Højtryk also offer safety equipment used for e.g. securing hoses at connections etc., or safety straps for mounting at hose connection to avoid whiplash.

Protective curtains, so that particles from the high pressure work area are contained within a limited area, such as; house facades in cities.

Should an operator get hit by a high pressure water jet, with or without PPE, please be aware that  damages may not necessarily be visible but, may have caused internal injuries.

Sihm Højtryk A/S has made an information sheet giving instructions as to how to perform first aid at site as well as it can be handed over to medical personel / doctor / hospital, informing of the typical injuries caused by high pressure water jets – please download here.

Contact our sales department for further information concerning safety clothes / PPE.