Roof cleaning

We have all the equipment you need for roof cleaning – high pressure cleaners, roof cleaning boxes for all Danish profiles as well as concrete and roof tiles, roof suction pumps, filter boxes, rim cleaners, algae equipment and various nozzles.

For many years we have produced our own roof cleaning box, which in 2016, at one of our customers, was approved by the Danish Working Environment Authorities for cleaning of asbestos roofs.

Our rim cleaner has equally, at one of ur customers, been approved by the Danish Working Environment Authorities.

Since April 1st, 2016 we have been the official Danish distributor of Dynajet high pressure equipment, which also includes roof cleaners.

We can offer you the following

High Pressure Cleaners

There are many of the models from Dynajet that can be used for roof cleaning, however, the best seller over 15 years is Dynajet 500th.

Sihm Højtryk also produces high pressure cleaners, so in case of special requirements for your machine. Please contact us. We will be happy to explore the options with you.

Roof Cleaner Eternit:

Sihm Højtryk A/S manufactures the TR1 -2 or-3, available in widths 240 / 480 / 640 mm.
The conversion is done by changing the track width after the marked set points.

The roof cleaner is all stainless steel with a 700 Bar swivel with minimum water loss.

Roof Cleaner Eternit Dynajet

This roof cleaner has been in production for many years and is all stainless steel.
The box in mounted with a gauge and the conversion is done by setting the swivel and wheels according to the set points.

The box is mounted with insert nozzles and 350 Bar swivel.

Roof Cleaner Concrete

The roof cleaner is all stainless steel and with large external wheels, that is height adjustable depending on surface to be cleaned.
The box is additionally equipped with gauge, ball valve, brushes and stainless steel swivel.

It is available in 275 / 350 / 500 Bar.

Roof Suction Pump

The roof suction pump is a 230V pump, that is outstanding for sucking water / moss from gutters.
The roof suction pump works so that rollers pushes on a rubber hose creating vacuum on the suction side of the pump pushing the dirty water out through the other side.

A reliable pump that will run for years.

Filter System

The filter systemet is made in galvanized steel with galvanized grid on which the filter is hung.
Under the filter box a plastic box collects the filtered water.

The plastic box is mounted with a hose spigot, so the water can be led away or re-used via pump or filter.

Rim Cleaner

The rim cleaner is a funnel shaped shell with brushes, preventing water to splash around.
The rim cleaner is mounted with a rotor jet and nozzle arms in various lengths, bend or straight, nipples or couplings can be mounted on the shell towards the gun.

In addition to the above item, we offer chemical injectors, various nozzles, hoses, guns, etc.

Our workshop repairs and services above equipment on our own workshop.