What can be rented

We have a small fleet of units that can be rented for shorter or longer periods.
Do you have a specific task, that you own unit(s)cannot handle, we might just have one that you can rent.

The rental units are primarily pressure testing units and recorders, but also mobile and trailer mounted high pressure units are available.
Finally it is also possible to rent material with the option of purchase.

Rental test pressure pumps from Resato are available from 440 bar to 1245 bar and can be rented for the day with or without recorder.
The pump can be fitted with adaptors a.o., so that it meets your specific need.

Contact our sales department for further information.

High pressure units are available as 250 bar – 23 ltr/min mobile units or 3.000 bar trailer units. The units can be rented per day / week and additional equipment can be added according to agreement.

Sihm Højtryk A/S is responsible for maintaining the machines, however, replacement of consumables (filers, etc.) will be at the expense of the customer. Insurance must be taken on the rented machines, as the renter is responsible for the rented equipment during the rental period.

All rentals are subject to our general Rental Terms (Danish only) unless otherwise agreed.