No Dig
Spot Repair

No dig spot repair

The original no dig spot repair for sewers and water pipes, with Quick-Lock from Uhrig; stainless steel cuffs with a rubber membrane, which is easily mounted with a packer.

The Quick-Lock system is an alternative to traditional cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) which seals and stabilizes damaged pipes mechanically, without chemicals regardless of pipe material.

Thanks to the patented Quick-Lock locking and fastening device, it’s ensured that the EPDM seal is positioned and installed correctly and with great stability.

After the renovation and installation of  a Quick-Lock, the cuff remains elastic and absorbs the movements of the pipeline.

In the event of major damage, the Quick-Lock cuffs can be placed in succession.

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Quick lock mini with packer

Illustration quick lock i brug

Illustration of possible application scenarios

Examples of work scenarios where spot repair is applicable

Quick lock Banderole

Advantages of Quick-Lock

  • No dig solution has a long lifetime, cuffs are made of stainless steel AISI 316.
  • Sizes from DN100 to DN2000
  • Cuff length from 90mm to 500mm.
  • DIBt approved DN150-DN700
  • Silicone seals approved for drinking water
  • No chemistry
  • No drying time (time saving)
  • Resistant to flushing / pipe cleaning with high pressure in accordance to DIN 19 523, 60 flush sequences at 110bar.
  • Pipe displacements (max. 2.5 cm)

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See technical data sheet for Uhrig Quick-Lock here.