High pressure

At Sihm Højtryk A/S we deliver high pressure units in all sizes and models.

Our products range from a few hundred bars up to 4.000 bars.

This includes standard units and set-ups of high pressure cleaners and units.

We supply both cold and hot water cleaners in many versions and models.

Whether you are looking for electrical, diesel, gas or hydraulic driven high pressure machines we have the solution.

The application possibilities of our units cover many different industries and purposes. See a small selection of different applications:

Surface Treatment with typically 350-500 bar

Concrete Demolition with Ultra High Pressure / UHP

Corrosion Cleaning with Ultr High Pressure / UHP


Mobile High Pressure Trailer Units

A mobile high pressure unit – known as a trailer unit – from Sihm Højtryk is build for  many purposes and industries.

These machines are used in the building industry, renovation, municipals, heavy industry, ship yards, agriculture, forestry to name a few for celaning of grafitti, concrete, roofs, oil, ships, machinery, outside surfaces, paint, pipe cleaning, scaffolding etc.

You can use a high pressure trailer unit for all of these jobs. The unit will be build with a diesel / gasoline motor, high pressure pump (300-3000 bar), water tank, hose reel and with various flow rates.

Custom Solutions – we build units as per your specification

We know that a job must the performed swift and professional, which requires reliable equipment of good quality.

At Sihm Højtryk A/S we will be happy to guide you to the optimal solution when it comes to unit and equipment.

The possibilities are many, hereunder a small selection of the most common solution in the market.

Stationary units, typical offshore units or stationary customised units for manufacturing plants, etc.

Mobile units, build-in or in trailer

High pressure pumps / process pumps, offshore or onshore

Oertzen high pressure cleaners

Dynajet mobile high pressure cleaners

Hammelmann units

High pressure pumps for cutting

Accessories / equipment

Our customised high pressure units delivered to the oil, gas, chemical, PtX industries – all designed to relevant standards;


Contact us for further information concerning your high pressure project – please fill in the questionnaire first.

Here under a Few Videos of Selected High Pressure Equipment

Dynajet 350th

Dynajet 500th Blue Performance

Gum Removal

Weed Killer

Hammelmann Aquajet 140

Hammelmann Thermojet 500 bar – 95ºC