trailer units

High pressure trailer units from Sihm Højtryk is designed for many different applications and industries. These machines are used in the building industry, for renovation, by city municipals, industrial areas, shipyards, offshore, at farms, in forestry and many other places for removal of grafitti, concrete, facades, roofs, oil, ships, machines, tiles, paint, scaffolding and many, many other areas.


The advantage of using a high pressure trailer is that you can perform jobs, even on locations where you do not have access to electricity or water.

All tasks, where you need to use a high pressure cleaner, can be performed with a trailer solution build with a diesel / gasoline driven motor, high pressure pump 300-3000 bgar, Water tank, hose reels together with a Water supply of variable size.

Danish retailer

We are the official dealer of Dynajet and Hammelmann units in Denmark. Brands that are well-known for being user friendly, reliable as well as having low service costs.

Dynajet and Hammelmann units are among the best high pressure trailer units on the market today and can be supplied in sizes from 13 to 170 kW.

Maintenance in Denmark

We have service workshops in Esbjerg and in Kr. Såby covering all of Denmark.

Give us a call on +45 7515 9700 and we will find a colleague that can assist you.


The following links will give you a demonstration of some of the applications a high pressure trailer can be used for.

The list of jobs is long, contact our sales department if you would like there which options we can offer to meet your demands.

Gum Removal

Weed Control / WeedKiller