Floor cleaning

Our complete selection of floor cleaners meets the demand of today’s industry. We are certain that our product range of floor cleaners alongside our service, will be the correct choice for your company.

Ergonomic and light weight floor washers, we offer floor cleaners suitable for any task.

We stock a variety of floor cleaners (surface cleaners) in different sizes, Ø200 – Ø300 – Ø520 and Ø750 mm in stainless steel.

They vary in pressure up to 500 Bars, with and without suction, that removes the water and debris away from the surface, as well as with a special designed built-in nozzle for gum removal.

The floor cleaners are build with a stainless steel box, and dual housing if the floor cleaner is with suction, stainless steel swivel, stainless steel wheels, nozzle arm with 2 nozzles that will be dimensioned according to your unit and quality brushes.

A part of the floor cleaner is height adjustable housing for optimum cleaning results.

The floor cleaners comes with a very reliable stainless steel swivel with self-lubricating stainless ball bearings.

We stock the following models

Floor cleaner with gum remover

An all-in-one machine suitable for typical floor cleaning as well as removing gum on sidewalks, train station, parks and even schools. The floor cleaner may be used with units up to 350 Bar and is available in Ø520 and Ø750 mm.
The floor cleaner comes with suction.

Max. temperature 120º Celsius.

Professional Floor Cleaner

This is a floor cleaner for the professionsal user ideal for lager areas, both in-door as well as out-door.
The dirty water is removed via the suction and the cleaner is designed for professionsal use.

The floor cleaner has height adjustable housing and is available in both 350 and 500 Bar versions in Ø520 and Ø750 mm.


Floor Cleaner for the Contractor

The floor cleaner for large areas, the cleaner is without suction.
It is, on this cleaner, possible to mount a holder, so you can easily switch from floor cleaner to working with the lance.

The floor cleaner is height adjustable and available for 275 Bar and Ø520 and Ø750 mm.

Commercial Floor Cleaner

Floor cleaner designed for both cold and hot water, without any adjustment options. Available for 275 and 500 Bar, and Ø520 and Ø750 mm.


The Allrounder is used for smaller areas both in-doors and ouit-doors and comes with suction.
It is a small compact, light weight cleaner which is extremely effective.

It is available for 275 Bar and Ø200 or Ø300 mm.


A floor / wall cleaner using steam to clean. Stem cleaning is a fantastic way to disinfect or clean with.
With suction, the washed surfaces dries quickly.

This cleaner is recommended for the food and pharmaceutical industries.
It uses max. 20 Bar, 180º Celsius and is available in Ø200 and Ø300 mm.
The cleaner operates at its’ best together with a steam cleaner of min. 10 kW.

This serie also includes grafitti removers with suction, duct cleaners, rotating heads on Lances for cleaning og portable toilets, tanks, etc., cleaners for manholes and silo cleaners.

Contact our sales department for additional information.