The use of high pressure for cleaning, demolition, etc. often mean use of large quantities of water – water which is, or will become, a scare commodity, but what can you do when water is the primary element of your day-to-day work?

High pressure pumps require clean water to ensure a long equipment lifetime. Collected waste water may be infected with dirt and debris and not suitable for reuse – before now…

As a natural add-on to the existing product range, Sihm Højtryk A/S now offers a mobile water treatment from Reprotex®, that offers the opportunity of reusing the waste water.


Product Info

Product Info;
– Installed in a 20” container
– Filtrates up to 200 l/min
– 90-95% of the water can be reused , the remaining 5-10% is debris that has been filtered
– The water quality of the filtered water is below 1my

With a bigger emphasis in green solutions and the environment, we feel that it makes sense to invest in a unit from Reprotex, the benefits are so many and in various areas;
– Waste water can be resused again and again. – Even water used to clean PCB containing paint can be filtered and reused by inserting an active carbon filter.
– The amount of dirt to be disposed off after finalising the job is 90-95% less, reducing the number of trips to the recycling center.

Mobilt filtreringsanlæg

A Success for both the Environment and your Cash Flow

read the various case stories from Germnay where a unit were used for different cleaning jobs.

It is also possible to rent a filtration unit – contact our sales department for further information.