Gauges and pressure transmitters are some of the most used and reliable instruments in today’s productions environment.
Despite of the high amount, there is, unfortunately often a lack of attention to the fact that these instruments should be calibrated regularly in order for them to maintain their reliability.

It is not uncommon for many gauges and transmitters to have lost their accuracy because of lack of calibration.
This can turn out ro be real problem in a process, if a unit is operating with a defected or uncalibrated gauge or transmitter.

It can affect the quality of the produced products or the safety of the production unit.
Sihm Højtryk recommends the establishment of a procedure for the control / calibration of gauges and pressure transmitters.

We recommend that all components are controlled at least once yearly possible for calibration at a third party.

Calibration of gauges and transmitters offer transmitters is possible at Sihm Højtryk A/S.

In addition to this, we also offer calibration equipment from Resato
– Dead weight units up to 7.000 bar
– Mobile calibration case for 7.000 bar with computer program, so you can issue a calibration certificate on site.

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