Equipment for construction

A wide diverse range of products ensures that you will be able to find the equipment that you need for any application.

High pressure jobs can be performed between 1000bar to 4000 bar, depending on your needs. We have the equipment / units for both and hot and cold water.

Whether you are looking for high pressure units, safety equipment, tank cleaners, special lances, special nozzles, water jetting equipment, hoses, fittings etc. we have the solution for you.

Our products are among other things used for:

Washing / Cleaning of facades, silos, tanks, pipes, etc.
Concrete removal
Paint removal
Grafitti removal
Gum removal
Wash down of churches (white washing)
Drain cleaning
Cleaning of machinery
Surface treatment
Algae control
Roof cleaning
Facade cleaning
And much more.

Should you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.